Lace Wedding Dresses A Bride’s Gift To The Wedding

Lace wedding dresses are gifts that brides bring to the wedding celebration.  Often people choose lace wedding dresses because of their light, airy look that lends a type of elegance to a bride’s presentation.   The silhouette created by silk and lace lends a style that is hard to replicate with other types of cloth.  Brides have for centuries worn lace wedding dresses to celebrate their union with their husbands.  The modern-day woman can still find comfort and sophistication in lace.  Lace wedding dresses do not have to look frilly and silly, but can carry a sense of beauty that woman desire on their wedding day.

When choosing a wedding dress there is a lot of things to be considered.  Lace wedding dresses have many styles of lace to pick from.  A lot of wedding professionals suggest taking time to decide on what to wear.  There are so many choices that will cover a wide base of styles.  If the bride even considers putting vintage wedding dresses in the picture, the choices can be overwhelming.  Always consider how the dress affects the silhouette of the bride.  Every woman pretty much falls into a few basic body shapes.  Lace can help soften lines and enhance qualities of the bride’s body.  A touch of Venice lace trim around the bodice can de-emphasize other areas by drawing attention to the face.  Low back wedding dresses can give a touch of sexiness, while a high neck dress can provide a type of reserve elegance.  All these styles can be found in lace wedding dresses.

The kinds of material used to make lace wedding dresses can make a big difference in bringing out the beauty of the woman wearing it.  Lace has been popular since at least around the 16th century.   Lace is a type of embroidery that is usually made on open type netting.  A touch of lace was considered high style, for both men and women, during the medieval and renaissance times.  The different styles can be traced back to their countries of origin.   Venice was well-known for a heavier floral style while lace from France was known for its delicate appearance.  Choosing the style of lace can make a difference in the appearance of lace wedding dresses.  Even non traditional wedding dresses can benefit with a touch of lace.

Styles of dresses have differed throughout the years.  Before the 1920’s, bridal dresses depended a lot on the social standing of the bride.  For the lower class bride, the dress was often the dress she wore to church.  Latter, a lot of brides would buy short white dresses so they could dye them and use them for other purposes.  The upper class, before the 1920’s used hand-made lace in their lace wedding dresses.  These antique dresses would become heirlooms, which have been handed down for generations of future brides to wear.   After the 1920’s more people could afford dresses that were worn only for that special day.   A lot of modern brides are using vintage inspired wedding dresses from the 1920’s to the 1980’s  These styles still include all kinds of lace and have a sense of being made with good crafting skills which makes the vintage lace wedding dress in high demand.

Modern-day lace wedding dresses are made from many different fabrics and shaped into many different styles compared to the vintage lace wedding dresses.  Women still love the lace wedding dress made with silk and linen fibers.  The traditional wedding still requires a beautiful, elegant traditional dress.  Many choose to use lace to bring out their silhouettes and walk with pride to their future.  Memories surround the lace wedding dress and are passed down to the next generation of daughters.