Choosing A Snow White Winter Wedding Dresses

Are you  in the thick of selecting from your short list of winter wedding dresses?  Perhaps you’re in the preparation stage for a winter wedding.  Of course, you’re probably finalizing which design to pick from your chosen styles of winter wedding dresses.   Lucky you because from December through February you’ve got the immaculate sparkle of snow to make your wedding day truly white. And if the date falls within the yuletide holidays, the mood is definitely jovial. You can even wait for Valentines Day to tie the knot on the day of hearts.

Winter wedding dresses can be anything but bare. The cold weather gives you a lot of reason to wrap yourself up with the ultimate in winter fashion.  In the summer heat, you can’t even dream of wearing something as warm and heavy on your wedding day as the following:

  • White faux fur
  • Velvet wrap
  • Shrug
  • Shawl
  • Hooded cape

Of course you can get away with the same sexy summer gowns but tucked fashionably underneath the luxurious furs or velvet wraps. Even the short wedding dresses can still be worn with fashionable over-sized shawls or overalls.

Winter wedding dresses with sleeves are all right if you intend to do away with all those bulky winter covers. The long sleeves can be contoured or puffed for effect.  But the fabric should be thick and warm and cozy enough. You can’t put fashion sense ahead of comfort.  The cold has to be dealt with and winter wedding dresses with sleeves can be designed along the latest fashion lines, too.

Winter or not, the altar-bound couple can opt for more simple and economical weddings. You, as the bride, can do away with all those fancy bridal gowns and keep the expenses to a bare minimum. There are cheap winter wedding dresses that look pricey.  Some even look like exclusive designer creations. If you’re resourceful enough, you can discover heavily discounted items on the net.  Or you can even alter some slightly used gowns which are offered at rock-bottom prices in bargain basements.

What would you like your guests to wear on your wedding day?  Have you come up with a special theme or color motif for the wedding?  If not, you’ll probably never care at all.  Your guests will definitely be wearing winter wedding guest dresses as expected. And if the wedding day happens to be close to the holidays, there will be a lot of colorful attires worn to blend with the Yuletide mood.  If your wedding is organized as a strictly formal event, your guests will use the occasion to bring out their mink coats and their heavy shawls ,and anything formal on top of what they are wearing. What the ladies will probably be avoiding is to wear anything white and all of its shades.  They can’t compete with you, and that’s one unwritten rule. They’d probably come in monochromatic colors with color combinations of black and cream.

To plan and make decisions about what the members of the bridal entourage are going to wear can be unnerving for a bride-to-be.  If you are someone who’s been used to organizing group activities, you can probably delegate this job to your close friends.  You can conceptualize the entire idea and contribute several suggestions.  And that’s it.  The matter of what the members of the entourage will wear is solved. But if you’re one who performs better working alone, then you have to get this done immediately.  For sure, there will be many other concerns to look into before the wedding.

Or you’d simply let the matter fall under the responsibility of a designer and couturier, if you have engaged the services of one.  There’s going to be a color motif for sure, and the designs will definitely evolve in like patterns.  That should settle the matter in the hands of someone in the know.  However, if you are not into that kind of arrangement, perhaps your mother who must be active in the preparations can handle this thing.  Mothers know best, and bridal attires can be one of their fortes.   She’s part of the entourage, remember? The bridesmaids, the flower girl, the ring bearer and all those who will march with you or simply be at the forefront of the activities are all part of the “show.”  What they are wearing will count so much for a sense of fashionable coordination and drama.

You will perhaps decorate the church from the pages of your dreams.  How would you like the flowers to be?  What ribbons will you tie them with?  It’s winter, and flowers could be expensive.  It would probably take the genius in you to plan something that can take one’s breath away.  How about filling the church with live, fluttering multi-colored butterflies or some ideas along those lines?

Tying the marital knot in winter can be as warm as a summer day. You are now marching with your pick from that short list of winter wedding dresses. Of course it was culled from a compendium of winter wedding dresses with sleeves but with one amazing twist.  That overflowing immaculate white train behind you appears to extend to the snow-laden hills around the chapel.  It was genius of you to specify a material of frosted  fabric that cloned  the texture and color of snow to perfection,