Empire Waist Wedding Dresses: Best for Your Elegant Full Shape

A perfectly shaped bride-to-be has this one good asset that makes finding her wedding dress quick and easy. However, if you have a huge waistline or you want to achieve that hourglass shape, choosing empire waist wedding dresses is a perfect way to get what you wish for. An empire wedding dress is perfect for women of any shape. It highlights your bust, makes your waist look much smaller, and creates a taller look. You do not have to go on a diet to achieve that hourglass shape you have always wanted. With its highly feminine appeal, this stylish fashion wedding dress is ideal for any bride-to-be. You will definitely look good and well-shaped with your empire waist wedding dress.

How Does An Empire Waist Wedding Dress Help You With Your Shape And Height?

For many years, women prefer an empire wedding dress for it helps to enhance the shape of their body. Empire waist wedding dresses perfectly fit women of any size. Whether you are stout, petite or have a disproportionate body, it does not become a problem. A wedding dress with an empire waist cut is snug at the upper chest portion and flows loosely from the bust to the bottom area. It will make an illusion of a huge bust and a small waist, creating an hourglass figure.

Which Body Type Is Best For Empire Waist Wedding Dresses?

Empire waist wedding dresses are suitable for all types of bodies. Here is how it helps.

  • Hourglass – You have a big bust, a tiny waist, and a big bottom. The curves are perfect in the right places. Empire waist wedding gowns are good for you. It will highlight your bust and hip area all the more.


  • Pear Shape – You have a small bust and a larger hip or bottom area. The body is obviously not balanced. With the empire-cute dress, your wide hips are hidden or minimized. It hugs your small parts; and the skirt loosely falls to make your hips appear smaller and make your body appear proportioned.


  • Full Figure – These are brides-to-be who have a big bust, a big stomach and big hips. Obviously, they do not have any curves; and their bodies appear to be round like a ball. Of course, they would want something that gives them a curve to be recognized as their waistline. The empire waist dress will give them the curves they have always wanted. Due to the empire waist cut located just right under the bust, the style will create an illusion of a tiny waist. It will hug their huge busts and highlight them.

What Are The Advantages Of Empire Waist Wedding Dresses?

Because it has an elongated look, empire waist wedding dresses are suitable for both tall and short women. It adds an illusion of height that seems to lengthen your body. Empire waist wedding gowns are also great for brides-to-be with curves. Not only does it have a slimming effect, it also emphasizes your best assets. Though it is flattering to see a sexy woman wearing a tight-fitting wedding dress, you may however want to hide other curves of your body. The empire waist cuts just under your bust and hangs loosely. It will not only give you a great balanced shape but also a feeling of comfort when worn. Unlike those tight-fitting wedding dresses, you can move comfortably when wearing this. If you do not have a good body shape and you obviously have unpleasant curves though, this cut is not very becoming for you. These are perfect just to hide or minimize your stomach.

Women prefer empire waist wedding dresses since it compliments all body types. It also emphasizes the wealth and status of a woman in the years past. Today, brides-to-be go for a wedding dress that will make them look good and comfortable. So before you take your final pick, you must make sure to be at your most comfortable when wearing it. Just enjoy and cherish the moment of your wedding day. For sure, you will be the happiest bride in town.

What Is The History of The Elegant Empire Waist Dresses?

The elegant empire waist dresses first came into fashion in the late 18th century. Dresses with empire waistline were welcomed with warmth especially by the women. It paved way for more comfort and movement for women who were used to the constricting corset and voluminous dresses. Dresses with empire waistline started in Western and Central Europe in 1780s throughout 1790s. By 1800s, the style became popular all over Europe.

When Did Empire Waist Wedding Dresses Become Popular?

Although the trend started in the late 18th century, it wasn’t until 1910s when people started incorporating empire waistline to their wedding dresses. In fact, empire waist wedding dresses defined this decade. Because cars were modernized by this time, destination weddings became more popular. Elegant empire waist dresses were designed with less full skirts to allow more movements. Brides styled their wedding dresses with flowers and intricate laces, too. In this decade, the empire waist wedding dress was a subtle farewell to the Edwardian era.
The empire waist wedding dress made a comeback in the 1960s. Instead of laces, the empire waist wedding dresses were designed with floral and metallic embellishments. Incorporating metallic trimmings in fashion was the “in” thing because masses were interested in the space exploration activities in this decade.
By 1970s, the elegant empire waist dresses remained as the popular choice for brides. The 1970s is known as the “Me Decade” and paved way for free and flowy fashion. Because an empire waistline flows loosely from the bust to the bottom area, an empire waist wedding dress easily became a part of the Bohemian style craze in this decade. Brides accented their empire waist wedding dresses by wearing their hair down.

Which Celebrities Wore Empire Waist Wedding Dresses?

A lot of people prefer the empire waist wedding dress for it flatters any sizes and shapes. Even celebrities were fans of the empire waistline and wore it on their big day. These were some of the notable celebrities who wore empire waist wedding dresses:

  •   Heidi Klum – In 2005, German model Heidi Klum married British singer Seal (real name Seal Samuel) in an elegant empire waist wedding dress. Although there was no full public photo released, it was reported that Klum wore an ivory empire waist wedding dress in Chantilly lace.
  •   Rhea Durham – American fashion model wed one of Hollywood’s hottest names, Mark Wahlberg in 2009. Donned in a classic white strapless gown, Durham walked down the aisle in an empire waist wedding dress with silver embroidery.
  •   Bar Refaeli – Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli said “I Do” with fellow Israeli businessman Ida Ezra last 2009. The former Sports Illustrated model celebrated her big day in an embroidered bohemian empire waist wedding dress. The dress was made in a cream fabric with sheer and lace details.
  •   Alicia Keys – Famous American singer Alicia Keys tied the knot with record producer Swizz Beatz (real name Kasseem Dean) in 2010. Keys looked fabulous in a one-shoulder empire waist wedding dress that perfectly draped her baby bump. The American singer looked like a Greek goddess with a crystal headpiece to complete the look.
  •  Bianca Balti – The latest celebrity who jumped in on the empire waistline fashion is Bianca Balti. The Italian supermodel graced the aisle in a custom-made elegant empire waist wedding dress with cap sleeves. The Mediterranean-theme wedding of Balti and Matthew Mcrae was held in California.


A woman on her wedding day should be relaxed and comfortable. The empire waist wedding dresses truly help brides to just enjoy and cherish the moment. An empire waist wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline helps to emphasize the chest area. On the other hand, a square cut will help to tone it down. Whatever the bride prefers, an empire waist wedding dress will make her comfortable and even more beautiful in the biggest day of her life.