Plus Size Dresses for Special Occasions

Finding the perfect dress for that special occasion is a hard task and if you wear plus size clothing like me, you would know that this is a nightmare. Not that there are not enough plus size dresses available on the market, it is just that the right fit, which accentuate my curves and hide my flaws are hard to find.

My worst problem is because although I wear plus size clothing, I have an hourglass figure, you know, big bum and small waist. Because of this, it is really hard to find the right dress as dresses which could accommodate my bum tend to be loose and not tight enough around my waist. As a result, most dresses do not look good on me; they do not accentuate my figure but instead cause me to look flabby around the stomach area. Not a good look, I tell you. Plus size dresses for special occasions are hard to find and because of that, when I do find one that could accommodate my big bum without being too loose around the waist area, I quickly snatch them up if they fit in my budget. I then solve the problem of the loose waist area by making full use of my ability to handle needles and thread. I make small alterations here and there to ensure that the dress is a much better fit on my body. It is quite hard but this is the best that could be done to ensure that I look fabulous on the special occasion without burning too big of a hole in my purse.

There are many plus size dresses available on the market today, much more than it was about a decade ago. Many more designers are making their dresses available in larger sizes. They are also much, much easier to be found now. It used to be that plus size clothing could only be found in boutiques and shops especially dedicated towards the plus size market. But now, plus size dresses and clothing could be found at most department stores and shopping malls. Definitely helps in making shopping time much shorter as more designs are available in the same place.

I find the easiest way to know if a dress is suitable or not for a particular special occasion is by doing a Google search. Simply just type in the Google search bar ‘plus size special occasion dress’ or ‘plus size special occasion dresses’ to see if a certain design is suitable for your special occasion. Of course, when conducting this research, remember to replace the word ‘special occasion’ with your actual special occasion like children’s charity dinner or medical ball or something like that. Not only could you find out if a certain design is suitable to be worn to said special occasion, you could also find out the latest fashion. Sometimes, you could also be presented with latest dresses designs from various designers that are available in plus sizes.

Yes, finding the perfect plus size dress for a special occasion is a nightmare but with a little bit of patience, needle work and help from Mr Google, this task is not impossible. Just be warned, this task might take a longer time than initially expected. With that said, good luck in your quest of finding a plus size special occasion dress.