Finding The Right Flower Girl Dresses

Finding the right dress for your special little flower girl can sometimes be time and money consuming. Depending on the age your flower girl dresses can vary in price. For smaller, less elaborate dresses the cost is generally less, for the all-out dress that many little girls want to wear you can count on paying around $100-$200 unless you shop around to find the right price. The internet is one of the best resources you have when it comes to finding cheap great deals on cheap flower girl dresses that are so awesome you’d have to buy them right away before the deal disappears.

The first thing you need to do before you set out to find that perfect dress is decide what type of dress goes with the wedding party. While the bridesmaids gowns are generally a color that matches the wedding, a flower girl dress is generally white or a pale pastel color that is suitable for the age of the child wearing it. Once you decide what general characteristics you want the dress to have like beading, a veil, color, length, sleeves, etc. it is time to start seriously looking for a dress.

Depending on the age of the girl chosen as flower girl you have several options. If the girl you chose is young you want to make sure that the dress is appropriate but also that it is easy to move around in as it may be a bit harder for a small child to move around in a bulky dress. You also have to consider how expensive you want the dress to be. Materials are a great determinate for how expensive a dress can be. Depending on what fabric, detailing, and other items are used you can take an inexpensive dress and drive up the bill quickly with accessories.  You could even buy flower girl dress patterns and do it yourself as you’ll find many great toddler flower girl dresses patterns in fabric shops.

For older girls you can even involve them in the selection process. If you give a child a choice in what they are wearing you can make them feel more like a part of the wedding rather than just a fixture. Flower girl dresses can take a variety of shapes. There are wide strapped sleeveless dresses, slender strap dresses, cap sleeve dresses, and other styles that involve the sleeves of the dress. This is the main thing that you want to consider when you are considering age. Make sure that your selection is age appropriate, just because it is made for children does not mean that it will necessarily be tasteful if worn.

After you decide what type of sleeves you want for your dress you can consider the construction of the skirt portion of the dress. With many flower girl dresses the main material is taffeta or tulle. This gives the dress a whimsical feel and makes it easy to add volume to the skirt without having to add tons of weight that may make the dress cumbersome or uncomfortable. If you feel like a plain white dress does not fit your wedding style you can try adding a sash or other accessories that match the color scheme of the wedding.

After you have picked the dress you want you need to consider where to buy it, finding flower girl dresses cheap is not always easy. Buying dresses in bridal shops or department stores is almost always expensive and makes it hard to find exactly what you want because of budget woes. If you search the internet you can find tons of great sites that offer prices that are truly affordable for finding the perfect dress for your flower girl. If you buy a dress for less than you anticipated and it is not exactly what you want, you can always use your savings to make changes here and there so that the dress is truly perfect.