Big Is In Fact Beautiful, Plus Size Formal Dresses

Kathy was always the light of the room. She would bring a smile to even the most cynical of faces. Everyone knew Kathy was someone special, someone who deserved a special night out, a night on the town, maybe even a night dancing with the man of her dreams. Kathy was beautiful. But Kathy suffered wrongly for something out of her control. She was big. And the dress companies never seemed to offer formal plus size dresses. She was a victim to society in the unfortunate and judgmental way media has portrayed the average woman. Kathy was limited in what she could enjoy out of life, what she could wear, what she could do.

Fortunately times have changed and modern dressmakers realize that beauty comes in all sizes and therefore big, or plus size, can be equally as attractive for their designs. Plus size formal dresses, the kind women like Kathy dream of when thinking of a night on the town, a night in with someone special, or even the single act of attending a wedding or charity event, are no longer impossible to find. They are offered more and more, as slowly society comes to think of beautiful as a bigger word than ever before. Plus size formal dresses, words that never used to be taken seriously in the fashion world are making a dramatic rise and offering hope to the millions of beautiful women who do not conform to the thin is in mentality and only wish to be treated as equals in an often far too harsh society.

Offering everything from prom dresses to evening gowns at a number of retail outlets, major name stores, and of course online sites, finding formal dresses for plus size women has never been easier. Thankfully for women like Kathy, today is a good day to shop. The options are no longer limited nor are the plus size formal dresses prohibitively expensive due to advances in manufacturing, more economical and technically enhanced clothing productions, and a much more open market where the consumer is looked at and respected. Cheap plus size formal dresses make it easier for the woman on a budget, the real woman, not the fake magazine or television portrayed fantasy woman.

The days of dresses designed only to fit the quote unquote ideal woman are over. The days when women were treated harshly because they didn’t fit in with society’s misguided idea of what constituted perfection or beauty are finally ended, and finally clothing manufacturers have come around to realize that big is in fact beautiful, no less than any size. More than half of all women today fit into a size that used to be considered large or a short-run production in clothing. Plus size used to be a term that inspired ridicule, that caused a response lacking basic dignity and respect. Now plus size formal dresses can finally put an end to the limitations on women who are natural, women who are shaped by nature and heredity, and yes, women who are beautiful inside and out can now find plus size formal dresses for women.

Kathy was a beautiful woman, big in heart, big in spirit. But because she was big in other ways, Kathy suffered embarrassment, ridicule, and the fate no woman ever deserves. She was left out, unable to participate in formal functions, unable to bring the joy she had inside her to a formal occasion. She was called harsh names by dressmakers, politely referred to as plus size in mixed company, and generally ignored when it came to dresses and formal wear. Thankfully, those days are quickly fading. The true and natural shape, the beauty within and without, is being given the proper consideration and respect. Plus size formal dresses are finally readily available and as inexpensive to purchase as they are easy to find. You too, can feel confident, feel accepted, and feel beautiful because at last the world is seeing what has been overlooked for so long. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes formal dresses and plus size clothing now does as well.