When to Go for Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Every girl dreams to have the perfect wedding gown on her wedding day. Luckily, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.  Since the conventional and classic style of wedding gowns does not satisfy the sophisticated and artful taste of the modern brides, more and more modern cuts and designs have been introduced in the market.  As of late, off the shoulder wedding dresses are being noticed in the wedding industry.  These off the shoulder wedding gowns can be sophisticated and artful yet simple.


The Charm of the Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

This type of gown usually meets the preference of the bride due to the uniqueness of the design and innocent showing of skin on the shoulders, making the bride looking innocently seductive and appealing. The special cut at the neckline adds a striking touch. The off shoulder or one shoulder wedding dress highlights the upper portion of the bride’s body, focusing on her face and the elegance of her neck; this makes the bride look more attractive wearing this type of dress. The off the shoulder dress often portrays an image of the bride’s goodness and of her pureness. Off the shoulder wedding dresses are beautiful on its own without the additional ornaments of jewelry. A simple teardrop or stud earring will do in order to complete the look of the modest bride.


Points to Consider in Choosing a Wedding Gown


The first and most important thing to consider when choosing a wedding gown is to make sure that the dress will flatter the shape of your body. Now this is the tricky part because this may cost you a little bit of patience and may afford you some frustration. But don’t fret because wearing the perfect gown on your wedding day will definitely be worth it. In order to find the perfect gown, the bride should first identify the shape of her body. There are a lot of body shapes.  To mention, some women may have a triangular body shape where the hips are wider than the breast and shoulders. Second is the reverse triangular shape where the upper body is wider than the lower body. Next is the hourglass shape where the breast and hips are wider and the waist is narrower. The fourth type is the rectangular body shape where the body is long and narrow with the strong distinction of a waistline. These are just some of the body shapes.  Knowing the right body shape of the bride is a good start in looking for a gown that would best complement her. Off the shoulder wedding dresses compliment the pear-shaped body, where the lower body is wider than the upper body. Usually, brides with a pear-shaped body can pull off wearing a V-shaped or sweetheart neckline, strapless top or off the shoulder wedding dresses. The cut of off shoulder wedding dresses accentuate the bust line, balancing the appearance of the upper and lower body.

Limitation of Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses   

Like any gown, necessary precaution must be taken on what the right fundamental garments should be when wearing off the shoulder wedding dresses.  That is because the conventional bra will not work with off the shoulder wedding gowns. Obviously, to wear or not to wear a bra is the bride’s prerogative; but if she feels like wearing one, it is highly recommend for her to identify first the cut or style of the gown. If the cut of the gown is high enough at the back, then a strapless bra will do the trick. But if it has a low cut at the back, a strapless, backless bust support would be an option. A last resort may be to have a built-in bra in the off the shoulder wedding dress. All that matters is the comfort and security of the bride while wearing the gown. Another thing to consider when choosing off the shoulder wedding dresses is that the bride can’t move freely such as raising her arms. It is then recommend for the bride to try on the gown during a fitting session to see just how much activity it can tolerate without being ripped apart.