Proper Attire: Business Casual for Women

Women have a wider range of apparel than men. The rule of thumb which will guide you in selecting a business wardrobe is comfort combined with professionalism. Business casual for women is the most appropriate way of dressing in the workplace.


Business casual is the dress code suited in the professional environment; there is no better way to make a good impression. Business casual for women simply refers to presentable clothes that offer a relaxed and professional appearance. Though women’s casual attire for the workplace is typically on the conservative side, there are also ways to personalize your outfits with your own style while still maintaining the appropriate professional look.

Casual workplace attire for women defined

The phrase, “business casual attire,” is in itself confusing because of the varied ways workplaces interpret the term. There is no proper definition for this dress code, as long as you look elegant and modest. Such appearance is already considered a business casual for women.

Formal or traditional business casual for women usually calls for dark pants or skirts which are paired with long-sleeved polo blouses.  Business casual dress codes for women are frequently not that strict; and the garments are extended from the formal business attire which still presents a crisp and professional appearance. When should women wear such clothing?

  • At work when casual business attire for women is specified in the corporate environment
  • In professional events like seminars, congress and trainings where there is an unspecified dress code
  • When it is specified for important occasions like wedding, parties or business ventures
  • During job seeking and other career-related activities that help develop professional growth


Appropriate looks for women

The business casual for women should not be flashy; or it must not overly display the latest trends in the fashion industry. It must present professionalism, which helps you in building trust and confidence among your colleagues and associates. The proper wearing of the casual business attire for women contributes in developing confidence and competence in your workplace. When confused on how you should look like in casual business attire, the question, “what is business casual attire for women?” must be pondered upon, in order to successfully appear simply exquisite and dignified. The outfits should have classic cuts to ensure that they will fit the shape of your body. Below is a list of features when dressing up business casual for women.

  • Tailored shirts or blouses
  • Tailored sweaters or sweater sets
  • Knee-length or just above the knee length skirts
  • Dress pants or slacks
  • Coordinated business separates
  • Two-piece dresses (dresses with coordinated jackets)
  • Ladies’ dress suits


You may choose any of the listed features which incorporate business casual attire for women in order for you to look smart and witty. However, you need to make sure that you are wearing business attire that are comfortable and will reflect your personality. Don’t just go with trends. Lend a personal touch to your attire. Remember, the way you carry your business attire matters most; thus, ensuring your comfort is vital. If you consider the features provided above, you should be able to come up with a solution to your problem on “what is business casual for women?”

In general, business casual for women adds color and glow to the ladies as they dress their best in their respective workplaces. Avoid extremes in color or style.  Just remember to carry your outfit with poise and grace, so you will always look like the dignified professional that you are, whether the corporate culture is formal or casual.  Always keep in mind to blend your business attire to the specific occasion you are attending. Furthermore, don’t forget to take a look at yourself in front of the mirror.  You can be your own best critique.