A Few Reasons I Love Party Dresses

I really enjoy parties, both planning them and going to them. There are so many fun things to do at parties, but I think one of the most exciting parts is getting to wear party dresses. Of course, it’s not all about just wearing the dresses, it’s about buying it and getting dressed up and feeling beautiful.

One of the most fun parts of cocktail dresses is getting to go shopping for one. When shopping for party dresses, I try to focus on what type of party the dress is for. If it’s for a birthday or anniversary celebration, I tend to pick a different kind of dress than dresses for company events or holiday parties. I guess it really depends on how formal the occasion is. While shopping, I like to first focus on how formal the event is, then I focus on if the event has a theme or other idea that it is centered around. For example, for formal business parties I like to keep with darker colored dresses that are more conservative and not too short. On the other hand, for birthday parties, I might focus on finding a more festive colored dress that is a little more daring.

After all the shopping, the next best part of party dresses is actually wearing them to the party. Because they are for special occasions, I like to spend a lot of time coordinating my dress with accessories like shoes and jewelry. Much like actually selecting the dress, I try to keep the level of formality the same with any accessories and my hair and makeup as well. Having a conservative hair style to go with a conservative dress is important at some events, while at others I like to let my hair down and be a little more carefree. Dressing up is definitely a big part of the reason I love party dresses.


The final reason I love party dresses is that wearing them makes me feel like I am beautiful and that I’m doing something important. It’s all about the party, really. Getting all dressed up for a party and wearing special clothes that I got to buy just for that event makes it even more special. Then, actually getting dressed up and having fun makes the party well worth all my time and effort because I feel really good about myself and how I look.