How to Look Great in Women’s Winter Coats

Chasing the winter blues with fashionable women’s winter coats is a pre-occupation of ladies who can’t bury their sense of fashion under the snow. Looking for the latest in women’s winter coats? I bet you are. You believe that poise and elegance don’t hibernate in winter.  Whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall, you’re bound to dress up to the occasion.  There are simply women like you who think that dressing sloppily is a sin.

Winter styles are as fickle as the weather. In fact, being fashionable in winter is no longer just a matter of wearing fur coats.  From jackets and shrugs, winter fashions have extended to head gears, boots, accessories and some cold-repelling devices. But strictly speaking, women’s warm winter coats always take the center stage when you’re talking about winter fashion.


What to look for in women’s winter coats

  • Trendy – It’s against your religion to go against the craze; so you’re now into women’s warm winter coats oozing with that come-back fashion look of yesteryears.  With a twist, of course. They are bursting with today’s favorite colors of fiery reds, forest greens and browns, rust tinted orange, or any shocking color for that matter.  Fuchsia, pink, tangerine or bold combinations can click with the younger ladies.
  • Modern cut – Pea coat, capes and knee-length coats are the prevailing styles in the current year’s fashion trends.
  • Comfort – You won’t trade breathing easily with some fashionable constrictions that limit your movements. Soft inner lining and layers, body stretch materials, and other comfort features are preferably used.
  • Right fit and appearance – The ability to carry a certain style depends on the wearer.  You should go to the fitting room for a final look before buying a coat. Plus size women’s winter coats used to be scarce in the market because it was difficult to sell ready-to-wear (RTW) winter coats of this size. Right now, these gigantic sizes are already in the market in varying models and designs.


Materials for women’s winter coats


  • Wool – provides sufficient warmth.
  • Cashmere – made of Kashmir goat’s wool.  It has a soft texture but has strong strands and is extremely warm.
  • Leather – also provides warmth and can be made into several styles.
  • Shearling – from sheepskin or lambskin.
  • Fur – from animal fur, very expensive and is an object of protest.
  • Faux fur – synthetic fur in lieu of the expensive real fur.


Styles for women’s winter coats


  • Designer women’s winter coats – designed by signature designers.
  • Trench coats – sophisticated styles in feminine hues, like peach and periwinkle.
  • Toogle coats – ultimate in style, with hoods and a professional look.
  • Pea coats – look like sailors coats with broad lapels and double-breasted fronts.
  • Military coats – patterned after those long, military overcoats.


Women’s winter coats are quite expensive to acquire; but they can last a lifetime.  They are also considered as sound investments and are regarded as “fashion statements” when designed by signature fashion designers.

There are, of course, cheap women’s winter coats that are found in bargain basements. These are used coats but can serve their purpose to keep women warm during the winter. The use of cheap synthetic furs, wools, leather, fake materials and other substitute materials is now prevalent in the light of the quest for cheaper women’s winter coats.  However, they cannot provide the same warmth and comfort derived from women’s winter coats using genuine wools and furs. If you don’t have the money, you can still be fashionable using the other materials. Whoever said that fur is indispensable is out of his mind.