Wide Calf Boots: Getting The Best Fit

Boots should be basic components of every woman’s wardrobe. Women’s boots are a necessity especially during cold seasons but they can also be worn for stylish purposes this is why every woman must have at least a pair of boots for functional and stylish purposes. However, getting a good pair of boots can be quite difficult for women in plus sizes. If you are plus size and you want a pair of boots, then you should be looking for wide calf boots for women.

Wide Calf BootsBoots can be the perfect footwear and accessory for women. It can be worn with casual and semi-casual outfits, and even with dresses. Plus size women nowadays need not to worry about finding boots that will fit them because of the availability of women’s boots wide calf sizes. Wide calf is the basic issue when finding boots for large women this is why a lot of designers and manufacturers are now creating plus size boots wide calf designs.

From the average of 12 to 14 inches only, a lot of designers are now making wide calf boots for women with about 16 to 20 inches calf sizes to cater to the growing demand for plus size boots wide calf. Before shopping for the perfect boots, make sure to take accurate measurement of your calf first so you can inquire for the exact calf size of boots that you like before fitting them.

To measure the calf of your lower leg, all you need is a measuring tape and a ruler. Wrap the tape measure on your calf and record the number so you will not forget. However, the size of the calf is not the only factor when looking for women’s boots wide calf. If you are looking for plus size boots wide calf that are knee or over the knee high, then the length of your lower leg will also be a big factor when looking for a perfectly fitting wide calf boots.

According to experts, the methods in measuring calf may vary based on the length of the leg. A plus size petite woman should use a different calf measuring method compared to a plus size tall woman. In the fashion world today, petite women are those who are below 5 foot 3 inches. Women who are above 5 foot 3 inches are usually already considered average while those above 5 foot 6 inches are already considered tall.

The best way to determine the best fit for you is to try every boots you want to buy. Ordering online is definitely still a good option but make sure that the seller provides a money-back guarantee and product return policy in case the wide calf boots do not fit on you. Based on the fashion world’s general sizing, 12 to 14 inches calf sizes are considered narrow while 14 to 15 inches are considering medium calf sizes. Plus size boots wide calf sizes start from 16 inches to 18.25 inches while there are manufacturers that create extra wide calf boots with calf sizes ranging from 17.5 inches up to 20 inches.

Another important factor to consider when buying wide calf boots is the material. Leather is the basic and most common material used for boots and aside from being elegant and durable; they are also flexible which means leather naturally stretches over time.