Wedding Guest Dresses Are Stunning!

There is a great treasury full of wedding guest dresses waiting to be discovered.  The fun begins, but the frustration can begin also.   With a plethora of styles and colors, where does one even begin?  Three words enter your mind; dress wedding guest, and all of them are equally important.  You need a dress for a wedding where you are invited as a guest.  What will other women wear?  What is the bride’s theme for the wedding?  What are the primary colors for the theme; red, blue, lavender – so many questions.  So you begin to look for dresses for wedding guests.

When choosing one of the wedding guest dresses, the season is considered, along with where the wedding will take place, whether it will be indoors in the traditional church, or whether it will be held outdoors, in a backyard, park, beach, or even within a campground setting in the mountains.  These are questions that the bride-to-be will answer, which will certainly guide you in the decision making.  She can also inform you about whether it is a formal (traditional) or casual ceremony and reception.  Unless you are in the wedding party itself, most brides grant generous leeway to the guests, so long as the attire is appropriately in good taste.  Then the challenge begins to find that perfect dress for a wedding guest.

There are top designers who work feverishly to design some of the most eloquent wedding guest dresses imaginable.  Some desire a dress that comes with a label that bears the name of such infamous designers like Oscar de la Renta, Christo, Jovani and Tony Bowlsor, or by respected designers such as Hale Bob, Johnny Weir, Jasz Couture, La Femme, BCBG, Anna Sui or Claire Pellibone.  The styles are as numerous as those who are looking for the perfect dress amongst the volumes of wedding guest dresses.  From flamboyant to reserved, strapless, strapped or off-the-shoulder, printed or solid, with embellishments, sequins, jeweled, mini or full-length; the choices are exciting.

Dresses for wedding guests can be a floral design or one of the various printed cocktail dresses.  There are one-shoulder, strapless or strapped, fitted or loose, tiered, sequined or beaded, with lace or without, cut to the knee or mini length. Solid comes in every color under the sun; however not every dress is available in every color. No one desires to take the spotlight off the bride and the designers have kept this in mind.  The idea is to make the wedding guest dresses a delight to wear, while complementing the bride and the theme for her wedding.  Dress for wedding guest is a theme that every guest should learn the idea being that by removing “a” in the sentence it’s not about you but about the fashion and that fashion should complement the bride not draw attention away from her.

For a formal, more refined or evening wedding, there are numerous wedding guest dresses in the evening gown category, from a full-length formal gown to an elegant, formal shorter dress, such as a one-shoulder black dress.  High neck, haltered or crisscrossed; the styles are impressive, flattering and attractive.  The fabric used can be singular or a stunning combination of materials.  Brocade (Jacquard-woven), charmeuse (soft, semi-lustrous), crepe (soft, thin, crinkled), illusion (fine, sheer net), chiffon (sheer, transparent), polyester (man-made), rayon (like silk but more elasticity), satin (smooth, high sheen), silk (many types with various textures, such as raw silk, silk gazar or silk Mikado), taffeta (smooth, slight rib) and velvet (felted face, soft) are some of the common fabrics used in a dress for a wedding guest.

Silk is a natural fabric that can stand alone or be woven into countless other fabrics.  It is one of the most popular fabrics used in weddings.  The selections and designs are limitless, whether your special dress is pre-made or tailored, when it comes to wedding guest dresses, the sky is the limit!