Trend Alert: Ombré

When it comes to ombré it’s not only a cool style to do to your hair, it has now transformed into the fashion industry.  I must say I was in love with this trend when they started becoming popular in with hair, and now that it is transforming into fashion I can’t say that I am too upset about this!  If you’re not sure what an ombré is it’s when hair or clothing fades from dark to light. If you’re a Kardashian fan, Khloe currently is sporting this trend.

Although ombré’s are taking over the winter fashions, there’s certain colors that should not be used with this trend.  I tend to stick to the darker colors like navy and black but there are brighter and funkier colors if that’s more your style.  You can find this trend in jeans, tights, shorts, dresses and probably anything you can think of!  I know I’ll be sporting this trend this season, how about you?