The Timeless Appeal of Simple Wedding Dresses

The star of every wedding ceremony is the bride.  However, the focus of speculation before she makes her grand entrance is what she’s going to wear.  Any bride-to-be would like to march the aisle in an unforgettable ensemble.  That she should be overly pre-occupied with what bridal gown she’s going to choose is naturally expected. While the bridegroom or her parents have a say on her wedding attire, the final choice is still hers. Picking one elegant design from an array of simple wedding dresses can make a bold statement.

A simple wedding gown with a minimum of frills, lace and rich brocades never goes out of style. It is timeless as it is elegant. It will never become a laughing stock among future generations who will be perusing the wedding album or watching the video recording. Like other simple wedding dresses, the gown can be used for other occasions. Unlike bridal outfits that are puffy, or looking so theatrical with lots of tulles, this simple wedding gown will never be out of place in any formal gathering.  Practicality is one distinct advantage of simple elegant wedding dresses.


If the bride-to-be and her groom are bent on owning a home of their own, the expenses for the wedding gown may be one of their least concerns. Why spend so much for something you only wear once?  They can shop around for a vintage wedding gown from cheap simple wedding dresses offered in auction sites and bargain shops. After having it cleaned, the gown may be altered according to the lines of simple elegant wedding dresses.  To give character to the gown, a vintage hairpiece or a classic heirloom may be used to complement the classic design. A set of drop earrings can even lend some fashionable touch to the ensemble.


There are a lot of ways to make simple wedding dresses more interesting.  Uneven hemlines can do the trick.  Or a cheongsam slit can make the bride look so inviting. A dash of lace at the waistline can also make a fashion statement. There are even more varied ways to make the upper part the center of attention. Shall it be backless or strapless to show more skin?  Or sleeveless to accentuate it simple lines?  Spaghetti straps may also make a difference.

A bridal outfit from the wide variety of simple short wedding dresses can be another plausible alternative. A short, lightweight wedding dress is magical, especially in the summer.  It is also a perfect choice for a beach or informal wedding. This is probably the least expensive among simple wedding dresses.  There are a number of options when it comes to the length of simple elegant wedding dresses. It depends, of course, on the leg structure of the bride-to-be, but the right stockings can do the trick here. Mini, tea-length, above the knee, under the knee, or exactly on the knee?   Simple short wedding dresses may also be cut according to the bodily curves of the bride. If she’s lean, the cabbage cut or a petticoat may do wonders.  On the other hand,   a curvaceous body can be accentuated with a tight-fitting skirt. The variations for the upper portion are almost infinite. It can be long sleeves, mid-sleeves, sleeveless or one-sleeve only. Or it could be a suite on top of a strapless blouse. A round neckline, a plunging neckline, with or without collar? Strapless, backless, with spaghetti or other forms of straps?   Options are indeed as many as one can extend his fashion sense in making cheap simple wedding dresses more appealing.


Simple wedding dresses are getting more fashionable and practical in the light of the tight global economy.  Brides who are about to exchange I do’s with their grooms are no longer having second thoughts in marching the aisle in the aura of simplicity.  The classic elegance of simple wedding dresses enhances the sanctity of tying the knot.