Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses For Your Dream Day

A girl’s wedding day is usually centered around one tiny detail: The Dress.  A wedding dress is typically worn only once and can be any style the bride dreams of.  Sometimes vintage wedding dresses are the first choice, other times, a girl will design a dress from scratch.  At times, a bride may choose a dress she already owns, or will find a preserved vintage dress.  Many brides choose to buy a dress off the rack, and therefore have plenty of designers to choose from.  One of these designers is Oleg Cassini, whose dresses are classic, timeless, and can suit the needs of any bride.

Oleg Cassini wedding dresses range from the traditional gown to a more contemporary tea-length dress.  For the girl who wants to emulate the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, Oleg Cassini may be the designer of choice.  Many girls choose the “princess” style for their wedding dresses, and they are looking for elegance in a classic design.  This style is often the most popular wedding dress option.  Oleg Cassini wedding gowns help to satisfy these needs.

For example, a popular style of wedding dress is a strapless gown with a slim bodice and layered skirt, both with and without a train.  Many brides choose to include matching accessories, veils and bead embellishments.  This is a style that is found in many classic wedding dresses.  Oleg Cassini currently offers ball gown style dresses that feature beading, organza skirts, and lace and tulle in both the skirt and bodice.  Full skirts allow for drama and grace while going down the aisle.  Jackets are also an option for brides that would prefer a more modest look.

Oleg Cassini wedding dresses also offer a more modern style for the bride that prefers a more casual wedding.  In the style of many vintage wedding dresses, a bride may choose a dress with a tea-length skirt.  These skirts hit the leg between the knee and the ankle, and look wonderful with a flared, volumized skirt.  Organza and tulle are good materials to use on these dresses.  Some brides may prefer a fitted silhouette, which can be a simple bodice or an embellished masterpiece.  The neckline is also important on these dresses.  A draped cloth style on the bodice can give the illusion of drama and royalty at the same time.  Empire waists are also universally flattering and are available in many Oleg Cassini wedding dresses and gowns.

A key trait of Oleg Cassini wedding dresses is the ability to remain timeless and pure.  Many styles of the previous generation are still found in modern wedding gowns.  These features include flattering silhouettes, classic skirts with just the right amount of volume, and many alteration options.  Brides today can choose from gowns with straps, no straps, sleeves of various lengths, trains or no trains, bead or fabric embellishments, or anything a bride can dream of.  Oleg Cassini’s designs do not rely specifically on current fashion trends or customs.  Dresses do not appear to be outdated or horrifically out of fashion.  A bride can choose Oleg Cassini wedding dresses and not worry that she will look like an ancient relic when looking at the pictures in twenty years.

A wedding gown can be the cornerstone of a girl’s big day, and she should be able to find the right dress for her.  Oleg Cassini wedding dresses offer brides many classic, vintage and modern fashion choices for her walk down the aisle.  Whether full-skirted or short, long sleeves or completely strapless, Oleg Cassini’s designs offer something for every dress shopper looking to emulate elegance and classic beauty.