Go Bold and Daring with a Leopard Print Dress

When you feel like showing your wild side, nothing speaks like a sexy animal print. We appear to love that crazy combination of classic, hot and neutral in a wild sort of way. That is what animal prints are all about – from tiger stripes to giraffe spots and, of course, the leopard prints.


Leopard print patterns have survived well through the 80’s and are still everywhere in the fashion world today. Though considered by some conservative individuals as trashy, animal prints, in general, are actually one of the longest standing patterns in fashion which can be seen on every fabric product from lingerie to shoes to blankets and curtains. The leopard print dress stays popular because they can be used so diversely in different styles.  A dress with this type of animal print looks best in a bateau or boat neckline with three-fourths sleeves and even hemline during formal events.  Those who want a sexy, chic image opt for mini-length dresses that have scooped or halter necks.   To create a more daring look, a single-shoulder strapped dress is seductive and playful at the same time.  Trapeze frocks combined with a V-cut neck become a casual wear if paired with flat shoes. The leopard prints are adored for the bolder appeal; and they are also known to be versatile — that is, you may wear them through different seasons.


Women who actually prefer wearing wild and, for this matter, very bold look will usually go for leopard prints in the casual clothing category, since it has a wider attraction span. They will opt for leopard coats and a leopard print dress paired with thigh-high and knee-high boots.  A leopard print dress can have the wild, fun and flirty look; while for a black mini dress, a leopard print trim or leopard print shoes can add an edge to an already classic outfit.


Much like the camouflage pattern, leopard print dresses can come in a variety of colors and can still be recognizable from the pattern. The classic black and brown print can be a bold statement; but if the print is done in blue or yellow hues, it becomes softer and more feminine. Women came to believe that leopard prints add a touch of fun and spontaneity to any outfit.


Do you have a party coming up and can’t seem to decide what to wear? Well, you simply cannot go wrong with a leopard print dress. Top fashion designers, like Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Prada and Zac Posen to name a few, are certainly going with animal prints. They are inspired by the enticing nature of an animal print. You don’t have to be able to afford one of these designers’ creations in order to take advantage of the wonderful look. Countless boutiques offer a leopard print dress that is affordable to people within all budgets.

There is something almost magical about wearing leopard dresses that gives you that extra boost of confidence you might have been looking for. You can either be in a bold mood and you want to show others just where you are coming from; or you just need a power boost and want to pull some positive energy from the situation you are in. Either way, there are only a few things that can express a sense of confidence or fashion like leopard prints do.

So, are you ready for something bigger? Go for a leopard dress with a fabulous pair of shoes, great jewelry; and you will be ready to take on the world. We hope that this can somehow inspire you to try putting on a leopard dress next time when you go out partying or shopping. Be bold and do not be afraid to bring out the animal in you! Go for it and good luck!