Homecoming Dresses Everything You Need To Know

Here you go the complete guide to Homecoming Dresses from price to how to choose.  Good luck!


Choosing What to Wear from A Wide Array of Homecoming Dresses

What’s keeping you from picking one of those elegant homecoming dresses you’re staring at?  Apparently, choosing special dresses for homecoming has become one big annual dilemma for you.  You’ve been squeezed into this predicament ever since you finished high school. You bet, annual events like these are occasions too exciting to miss. Seeing your classmates again in one tearful reunion can resurrect fond memories. You’re definitely participating in this year’s activities. So you’re back to square one. Why don’t you take a closer look at all the cute homecoming dresses being featured on the plethora of websites that make a living out of these beautiful dresses?


Short Homecoming Dresses

Are you going to wear a short homecoming dress this time? For the cocktails before the awarding of citations to outstanding alumni, a short dress will be fine. But, which one, you ask.


By all means, pull yourself together. Take one final look at that splendid collection of short homecoming dresses.  One of these dresses for homecoming can be it.


  • Sexy homecoming dresses

You can put your best foot forward in one of those sexy homecoming dresses.  You can make heads turn with a body-hugging design from a wide variety of one-shoulder homecoming dresses.  Why hide those curves in vintage homecoming dresses that border on the conservative? Flaunt them with flair and choose an appropriate color. White homecoming dresses can be just fine with dark sparkling stones at the waistline to highlight that whistle-bait figure. Or give it all the drama in one shove. A black and white body-hugger can deliver that effect.  When all eyes start to move in your direction, then you’ll know your formula did work beyond your expectation.


Strapless homecoming dresses can enhance your sex appeal, too. Or go backless with just enough cleavage to show and be a breathtaking center of attention. Spaghetti straps or a strand of sequin strap can also show more skin. One coming from a line of provocative short black homecoming dresses is definitely a sexy attire for homecomings as well.


  • Vintage homecoming dresses


Another way to shine at the homecoming is to wear one that is reminiscent of the glorious eras of the past. A vintage homecoming dress does have an appeal of its own. It can be a sure hit not only with the elders who are in the crowd, but with people your age who can likewise be magnetized by the sheer elegance of your vintage attire. If you’re in luck while rummaging over vintage items, you can even chance upon designer homecoming dresses.  Like a halter-necked cocktail dress from the socialites of the 1950’s. Or a short fancy see-through dress with riotous colors, reminiscent of circa 1980’s.


Your mom or aunt may also have some surprises for you.  Their best-kept homecoming mementos may just be hanging in their closets. Take a look at your mom’s fabulous short homecoming dresses in vintage fabrics and designs. They’re simply stunning specimens of the fashion trends of yesteryears. The same is so with your aunt’s passion for black homecoming dresses with contrasting appliqués and ornaments.  They can be a perfect contrast to your milky complexion.  These spectacular finds can be customized to your measurements at a cost that won’t upset your budget. Lucky you, the matching pairs of shoes, purses and accessories are also intact.  You can ask your mom or aunt to help you with the matching hairdo to transplant you completely into their past.

  • Unique homecoming dresses

How about trying a unique homecoming dress to stir the curiosity of the crowd?  Wear a two-piece handkerchief cut skirt that will showcase your shapely thighs to get noticed.  Or get into something asymmetrical that is universally flattering to all body types. In fact, you can play with unusual shades of blue or red to project a different mood.  Or simply pick one from the red homecoming dresses made of suede with some colorful peacock feathers as ornaments. You can also be a standout in the crowd in an ethnic attire.  With a little help from the web, you can find some exquisite Indian sari or Indonesian batik ensemble in some novelty stores and be a showstopper without any effort on your part. Who knows? Your sisters may have other ideas on unique homecoming dresses. Consult them if you still have time.







Long Homecoming Dresses

The climax of homecoming celebrations can be strictly formal affairs, where your gown will be more fitting at floor length. Brushing the floor with or without a train, these long formal homecoming dresses are breathtaking creations of fashion trendsetters. You can choose from thousands upon thousands of styles and designs that all look irresistible.

It is admittedly a dilemma to choose one from so many dazzling long dresses available in fashion houses, boutiques and even on online stores.



Cute homecoming dresses are fantastic fusions of the right fabrics, color, designs and other enhancements.  What are the most sought-after materials for long evening dresses? Expensive silk, lace, satin, brocade, embroidered fibers, velvet and other glossy fabrics are preferred for that formal look on homecoming dresses. Sometimes they are enhanced with intricate beadwork, while sequins are embroidered to add glitter to some plain but expensive fabrics. There are fashion priestesses who spare nothing to give a rare kind of dazzle to their creations. They use real precious stones.


The finales of homecomings are events that linger in the news long after the toast. What makes these events memorable is not so much of the entertainment or the fabled food. It is what the women wear that’s getting a lion’s share of all the kilometric accounts in society columns and glossy magazines.  The pictorials flaunt all the stars of the homecoming in their much talked about exquisite gowns.


Create your own customized design


Why don’t you get hold of a printed homecoming program and plan your wardrobe ahead? You can even match the dress you’re going to wear with the nature of the event you’re going to attend. And if you have the passion to design your own dresses for special occasions, then your dressmaker can execute one from your own designs of homecoming dresses for you.


Remember, that there are several affairs to be held prior to the final ball or the prom. Your designs will therefore be to keep up with the nature of the event, be it awarding or acquaintance or what-have-you.  You can shop for the fabrics and other ornaments at basement shops, and save what you will be paying for the sewing. You will probably be looking at the current fads or getting your cues from famous fashion plates. Or simply want to be different and design something exclusive.


Your final chance to shine will be on the last night of the homecoming.  It would be quite a feat if you can make a fashion statement without having to spend so much on a homecoming dress.


Your choice of a variant from the several designs of one shoulder homecoming dresses is just perfect for that body-hugging cut of high-grade Thai silk in shocking pink. The intricate beadwork at the hemline highly complements the dash of sequins sewn sparingly at the waistline. You look queenly in one of those top-of-the-line homecoming dresses.  Sure, your gown flaunts your figure while you hug the limelight. Indeed, your dazzling personality fuses so well with your brilliant fashion sense.


Definitely, your choice among the gorgeous homecoming dresses deserves another round of applause.
So part two of our guide, cost…

How Much Can You Afford For A Homecoming Dress?




Long before the big day comes, homecoming participants, especially the young ladies are already in a frenzy looking for a catchy homecoming dress.


Homecomings evolve around football and other sports as a reason for school alumni to come home and root for their school team. However, most of the participants anticipate with utmost eagerness the homecoming dinner or dinner-dance.  Under the lordship of the newly-crowned homecoming king and queen, the social event of the year blasts off amidst pompous settings.  And you are right; it is the night of high fashion and sophistication. Coeds are transformed into young socialites overnight with sophisticated get-ups, while the young men look impeccable in their formal outfits.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to shine in a homecoming dress at the homecoming ball.  The deluge of exquisite homecoming dresses under 100 on the web presents infinite choices. At prices you can afford, you can order online or visit the shops. Your choice can even be shipped right away.  These inexpensive homecoming dresses are quoted at fantastically low prices from as low as 25 dollars. You’re given a wide array of great choices in all departments like the following:


  • Fabric:  organza, chiffon, taffeta, satin, tulle, velvet, crepe, lace, silk (plain or printed)
  • Embellishment: beads, sequins, ruffles, sash, crystals, ribbon, feathers, bows, lace, piping, embroidery and other reasonably priced ornaments
  • Hemlins: short/mini, knee-length, floor length, ankle-length, tee length, handkerchief, or with train
  • Silhouette:  A-line, sheath/column, ball gown, trumpet, mermaid, empire, wraps
  • Neckline: strapless, V-neck, square-neck, one-shoulder, backless, sweetheart, spaghetti, halter, with collar, cross-shoulders
  • Style:  sexy, modern, classic, unique, vintage, ethnic
  • Color:  single, double, blend
  • Size:  standard, plus-size, customized



Visit the web for a preview of these incredible homecoming dresses below 100.  You want to grace the homecoming dance in your favorite homecoming dress color? That should be no problem at all. As you browse through the various websites offering inexpensive homecoming dresses, you will have a glimpse of the following heavily favored colors:


  • Yellow homecoming dresses
  • Purple homecoming dresses
  • Pink homecoming dresses
  • Green homecoming dresses
  • White homecoming dress



No one can blame you if you will finally grab one from the yellow homecoming dresses line-up. You will surely be courting attention with the glow of yellow reflecting an aura of warmth, radiance and hope. Some disciples of the color yellow connect it with the sun, the spring, and creativity.  Others look at yellow as a symbol of new beginnings. A close second to these yellow dresses would be the extremely dainty pink homecoming dresses. How they exude the sparkle of sweetness, tenderness and youthful purity. That romantic hue of pink can heighten your feminine charms.  Be it in baby pink or bright fuchsia, your homecoming dress can make heads turn again and again.


Green homecoming dresses speak of fertility, life and environment.  They say people who wear green like to grow and renew their lives in a safe atmosphere. Like crispy greens that lift the spirit, your green gown can catch the attention of a crowd that is tired of floods, blizzards and hurricanes. A white homecoming dress, on the other hand, can enhance your look of purity and innocence.  So clean and fresh to the eyes of beholders, your dress will surely be looking like a long lost virtue coming back to life in your person.


Tranquility can be a soothing quality in a dress. Blue homecoming dresses are worn by compassionate women who thrive in the serenity of the blue sky and the azure seas. Arresting the attention of a peace-loving crowd is almost a certainty.


It may also be all right to wear the color of fascination and success. Orange homecoming dresses can put you right at the spotlight sans the lights. The stimulating halo of orange is a combination of the energy from the color red and the happiness coming from yellow. You will be sure to get raves from a crowd that’s tired of the usual hues of the glittering gowns around them. How about the color of power, riches and authority?  Gold homecoming dresses can be extremely stunning with its lustrous sheen. People will surely be dazed to see some daring young soul come alive in a blazing metallic gold outfit. Who will ever guess that you’re wearing one from the countless homecoming dresses under 100?


Inexpensive homecoming dresses are also available in smaller establishments.  Or even at the discount shops.  They come in all designs, fabrics, sizes and colors.  You will probably find what you have been looking for all along –- a collection of modest homecoming dresses. Your friends will be wearing frivolous, ultra-modern homecoming gowns, and you want to be different.  Some known accents of modesty can do the trick, like a standing collar and heavily embroidered long sleeves. Of course, it will be floor length without the side slits. Ruffles and a wide belt may also project the virtue of modesty.  Some dainty hand gloves will definitely stamp the outfit with the modest homecoming dresses seal.




Can you believe that you can have cute cheap homecoming dresses customized at no extra charge? Incredible but true. There are several online companies that can execute any design of your own liking with the affordable quoted prices on their list. If you have a picture of a dress design that you fancy most, you can e-mail the photograph to their website together with the order form which you will need to accomplish in full. It includes the list of variations and alterations that you desire, color and embellishment changes, your measurements, and other information required. Make sure you order properly and comply with the terms of payment and delivery.


Your own short dress design may have been lying around for sometime; and you wish to wear it for the forthcoming homecoming ball.  Of course you can order cheap short homecoming dresses using your own design. All you have to do is e-mail your design to the website’s company e-mail address and fill up the order form. You will have to fill up all the information asked for, including your measurements as well as specifications with regards to color, embellishments and other information required.  You won’t be paying any extra charge for the customized homecoming dress. It doesn’t matter if you are ordering homecoming dresses plus size.  The company will execute it for you at the same price as any other plus size homecoming dress.


The prevailing ease of acquiring top-of-the-line homecoming dresses at such unbelievably low prices of 25 to 100 dollars has contributed to the unprecedented attendance in recent homecoming dinner-dance affairs.  The increasing access of people to the mushrooming websites offering reasonably-priced homecoming dresses have also led to more colorful homecoming balls. First-time attendees who used to wear hand-me-down dresses from their elder sisters can now afford to buy their own.

Are you tired of the designs you see on the web?  Or fed up with the styles displayed at the malls? Why don’t you go ahead and put what you have in mind on your illustration board.  Take a clear shot from different angles and specify the colors you want.  E-mail the pictures to your chosen dressmaker on the web. Fill up the forms properly and comply with the other requirements. If you are pressed for time to finish your own design, you can probably take a picture of a design from a fashion magazine, unless there are restrictions to do so.


An affordable customized homecoming dress is your best shot to arrest the undivided attention of admirers under your spell.