Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s officially October..Can someone please tell me how that happened? This means Halloween is on the horizon and it’s time for everyone to start thinking about their costumes this year. I’ve compiled some ideas to get those wheels spinning so you can have the best costume out there! Comment below and let me know what you’re going to be for Halloween or if you have any other ideas!

Mad Hatter

One of my favorite Youtuber’s Bethany has an easy DIY video on how to be the Mad Hatter for Halloween..It’s definitely worth a look!

Bunny Rabbit

This is one of the easiest go to costumes that you can even make with things you already have! If you want to be a sexy bunny just grab a pair of fishnets, a white dress and ears and voila! If you’re not feeling the dress, you can substitute it for a pair of white spandex shorts as well! Costume solved!

If you’d like to be more of a cute bunny, try a white leotard in which you can decorate it with silver glitter or paint add some bunny ears and a tail and you’re done! The costume shouldn’t cost you more then $20!

Jungle Woman 

There’s so many different directions that you can take with this. if you have a brown or black bathing suit top (bandeau or triangle–although I would go more for the bandeau) you can go to a craft store and get leaves to glue onto it. You can get a sarong that’s more natural or leather like and add leaves to that as well. So easy!

Beanie Baby

Remember those little animals you used to collect as a kid? Why not dress as them for Halloween! It’s super cheap and super easy, what more could you ask for?! Get a plain colored dress to resemble the animal that you want to be. Find a hat what that animal on it. Get a piece of cardboard and cut it out in a heart and write ‘TY’ on it and add a string. Wear as a necklace. Voila! You will be the talk of the party with that costume!