E! Online Launches New Section Dedicated to Fashion, Beauty and Living

E! Online is best known as the leaders in celebrity and entertainment news and are now expanding their horizons.  November 1, their online division launched their newest venture “The Trend“.  In the new section you will find the hottest trends in fashion, beauty and living along with the latest fitness crazes, hot travel spots and so much more.  You will not only find “The Trend” on their website but also on their social networks as well as their mobile platform.

I have to say I am quite excited about this transformation for E! With their website already being the fastest growing entertainment news site it’s no surprise that they are expanding their brand.  What’s even better is that they’re kicking off the launch with a special week-long series, “The 40 Biggest Trends Right Now.”  For anyone that loves keeping up with the latest trends (just like me) this is the perfect thing to keep up with this week!  They will be covering only the biggest and best trends that are not to be missed, including what’s hot this holiday season.