Fun and Colorful Beach Wedding Dresses

One of the important decisions to make when planning a wedding is deciding the date and wedding theme. These two things are usually related since the wedding theme will depend on the kind of weather on that specific wedding day. Although you can definitely have a summer wedding theme on a winter season, it will look odd and well, a bit inappropriate especially when the guests wear breezy and summery dresses on a cold, winter day.


Summer weddings are very fun and exciting since the bride and the groom together with the people involved in the wedding get to wear fashionable outfits like beach wedding dresses fit for summer season. Summer weddings are also great because they can be held outdoors in wonderful wedding venues like beach fronts, lakes and even in front of historical castles.

If you are going to attend a summer wedding, you can find a lot of beach wedding dresses in many dress shops, boutiques and online dress stores. Before choosing a specific dress, know first the wedding motif or main color for the wedding if there is one. Usually there is no specific wedding color for summer or beach weddings so guests can have fun when it comes to their beach wedding dresses.

To get the summer theme, look for beach wedding dresses that look breezy and mild. A knee-length simple wedding dress made of soft material and varying soft colors like light pink, green and red will definitely be great and you can also wear these kinds of beach wedding dresses in other occasions like cocktail parties and simple family gatherings. However, if you want to go for a summer look but with a touch of formality, you can choose a long, flowing dress with a formal cut on the upper part especially sleeveless and tube top styles. From beach weddings, you can convert your beach wedding dresses into formal dresses by adding a belt or a stylish coat.

Another great thing about beach wedding dresses is you can accessorize it with so many wonderful accessories and trinkets from necklaces, bracelets, earrings to hats, eye wear and even anklets if you want the ultimate summer beach look dress. You can pare your simple wedding dresses for the beach wedding with a beautiful sun hat. You can pair your beach wedding dresses with pearl necklace, earring and bracelet, or other colorful gems that would match your wedding dress.