College Game Day Fashion Tips

College football season is upon us and as we all know, we must look fabulous at those tailgates.  If you’re like me, you never want to see anyone wearing the same exact thing that you’re wearing. It’s like social suicide. Not really, but no one really wants to see that. Whichever team you choose to root for, here are some tips to look especially phenomenal from head to toe that will have everyone doing double takes.


If you attend a school with humid weather, you know that you must tame your hair.  Between the frizz and weather all anyone wants to do is get their hair up and away from their neck. There’s so many different ways you can wear your hair to tame it the ideas are endless.   Whether it be in a high ponytail, different variations of a braid or a messy bun as long as the hair is up and tamed that’s all that matters. Once you have your cute hairstyle in place, adding some school colors is a great way to make it stand out.  You can go to any craft store and get your school colors and make a headband or even braid the ribbon into your hairstyle.  I always tend to go with the colors of the team and either braid it into a braid, wrap it around a ponytail or create a headband with it.  No matter what you choose, wearing your hair up will look a million times more school spirited with a bit of dazzle in your hair.


Don’t go too overboard with this.  I’ve seen way too many fashion don’ts in this department. Keep it simple. You want to have people laughing with you, not at you. Try some basic nude colors, mascara and a little bit of blush. I always tend to go with waterproof make-up on game days since you never know the weather and as we all know it can all change in an instant. You have to be prepared!


What you wear along with accessories and shoes makes the outfit.  Many of the schools have super cute dresses and game day attire for everyone’s style. I always like to go with the jersey’s or cute t-shirts on game days since a dress can get pretty annoying while sitting in the stadium. Always wear what’s comfortable because it’s usually a very long day between tailgating and the game!


The biggest fashion disaster are the girls that wear heels to the game. Do not..I repeat…DO NOT WEAR HEELS TO THE GAME. That will have to be the worst decision of your life if you do that! Wear shoes that are comfortable and that you can tolerate wearing all day. I tend to go with flats, you can never go wrong with them!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE! Good luck to all of the college teams this year..May the best team win!