Clothes for Tall Women

Fashion comes in all sizes.  Whether you are vertically challenged or blessed with all the extra inches, it is just a matter of paying extra special attention to the styles and cuts of clothing that would best flatter one’s physique.


If you had your share of joys and pains of being tall, and you may want to play down with your height, there’s nothing wrong with embracing it either.  The important thing is how you use your height the right way and how you choose to deal with your height.


The fashion catwalk is a heaven’s dream for someone who is in search of clothes for tall women.  But, in the real world, being average is ultimately unbeatable.  You don’t need to run off and get yourself custom-tailored clothing though!  All it takes is the determination to do your research and hunt for the ideal tall womens clothing that would suit your extra height.


Redefine your height by breaking up the length of your body.  Clothes for tall women can be created by a mix-and-match outfit when you wear tops and bottoms in different colors.  Separates break off the length of your body and cut the continuity of height.  You may further eliminate the illusion of height with the mixture of colors, which parts the height around your waist area and defines the right curves by working with big belts in your mid-area. A wide belt can also be the perfect accessory to clothes for tall women by adding it to a simple dress, skirt or trousers, thus giving more definition to the waist.


There are quite a number of tall women clothing on the rack that are essential in your wardrobe. Being “tall” can also mean steering clear of anything “short” in terms of tops.  The least thing you would want be end up with is a full grown woman in a pre-teens’ clothing.   It is a must to stick to clothes for tall women with tops that fall over pants and skirts to help give you a more proportioned figure.  Draw the looking eyes towards your shoulder and neckline area; and opt for tops with collars, bows, seam lines and designed necklines.


Another thing to consider when buying tall clothing for women is finding the right bottom to fit the height challenge by considering pants that hug your hips.  One particular type of pants that work well on taller women is the low-rise ones.  You may also go for pants with cuffs rather than wearing tapered ones.  If you wish to have the appearance of shorter legs, knee-length pants and Bermuda shorts help cut on what seems a never-ending pair of legs.


While we elude short tops, short bottoms look great with ballet flats.  Typically, below the knee length skirts for average height are categorized as tall women’s short skirt — the length falls perfect for the height which slightly falls from the knees, perfect for women’s business clothing.


Patterns and prints all play an important role in clothes for tall women particularly in terms of height.  The great thing about having a tall frame is the ability to play with lines and go horizontal.  Vertical lines may require extra care as they make you even taller.  Adding a print over your shoulder or around your neckline can also create the overall look of balance.  Achieve this look by topping this off with accessories that match your overall outfit.

While we are all tempted to stick to black and dark colors, these emphasize height.  Anything monochromatic should also be passed up.   Aiming for the illusion of shorter legs means choosing a variety of colors.  Sticking to outfits that have both light and dark colors work best without overwhelming the entire package.


Following these simple tips on searching for clothes for tall women won’t make you any shorter but, rather, they bring out the best qualities of your body despite the extra inch or two vertically.