Where to Get Cheap Cocktail Dresses

Every woman has a little black dress. This must be the staple wardrobe for all women around the globe. Chances are, this little black dress happens to be a cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are short, easy to wear wardrobe suitable for evening wear. Cocktail dresses were first coined for the kind of wardrobe women wear for a fun night out to, well, sip cocktails. Cocktail dresses often come in black but several designs are available in blue, burgundy and a variety of other colors. During the 80’s (otherwise known as the era of fashion faux pas), many women can be seen wearing fuschia cocktail dresses. Thirty years later, they would never be caught dead wearing one.


Awesome cocktail Dress by MILANOO!



Cocktail dresses may be versatile but most cocktail dresses do not come cheap. Cheap cocktail dresses which are fashion forward, has a durable quality and can last a lifetime is hard to come by. So the best way to acquire cheap cocktail dresses is to get them second hand. Hand me downs are a cheap and practical alternative. Many thrift shops offer second hand but good quality clothing so this is a great place to look for inexpensive cocktail dresses.

Ever heard of vintage cocktail dresses? These are actually designer cocktail dresses someone may have only worn once or were never sold at all. When a label has been popular for at least 30 years, chances are, most of its original designs are now considered as “vintage”. Chanel, Salvatorre Ferragamo, Diane Von Fostenberg are popular designers for decades and their vintage designs can still fetch for quite a sum of money. On the other hand,newer designers such as Alexander McQueen, Josie Natorie and Monique Lhuiillier’s original designs may not fetch as high a sum. Think ot it as a work of art – the older the cocktail dresses are, the more expensive they get, and their prices skyrocket even further as soon as the designer dies.

Now how do you get cheap vintage cocktail dresses? If you scour thrift shops you may be lucky enough to stumble into a vintage Carolina Herrera but chances are, they may be worn out, have stains, or have torn parts. If you are the type of person who collects art, jewelry or real estate hoping they will increase in value after couple of years, you can actually do the same with cocktail dresses. If you can recognize a designer with huge amounts of potential but still virtually unknown, you can purchase cheap cocktail dresses they designed. Wear them occasionally but keep the garbs preserved. Have them dry cleaned every now and then. Then auction them on ebay and get your Return of Investment.

Another place to look for inexpensive cocktail dresses is online. The internet has turned into a virtual marketplace and you can now purchase anything online from fake iPhone spare parts to pets to – you guessed it right – cheap cocktail dresses. When searching for inexpensive cocktail dresses online, study the online shop’s return policy carefully. What you see online may not be what you get. Sometimes, the items shipped would have a torn seam or a hole in the pocket, in which case, you would need to have the item returned.