5 Fabulous New Years Eve Dresses Worth Looking At

Although it’s still the beginning of December, before you know it New Years will be here. It’s time to start thinking about dresses that you can add to your wish list so you’re not scrambling for your fabulous dress at the very last minute.  I know I’ve already started looking and have my eye out on a dress, I hope you do too! If not, I have found 5 dresses that may spark some ideas or maybe even be the dress you have been looking for!

What dresses will you be looking for this New Years?

Fab Find: Obaz

I recently discovered the website Obaz and thought I would share it with my lovelies.  Obaz is like shopping on Pinterest where you can find unique products and amazing deals all in picture form.  It has the same layout as Pinterest where it’s solely based on pictures and you can click a little heart that says […] Click Here To Read More!

Fall Is Upon Us!

Fall is fast approaching around the country and it’s time to switch over those wardrobes. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the trends this fall! Check out some of the trends hottest trends you should be on the lookout for! Click Here To Read More!

Vintage Evening Gowns: Classic Beauty and Elegance

As the revelry period is swiftly approaching, have you given enough thought on what you will put on during these Yuletide affairs? Are you going to wear a pair of jeans and shirt again? Why not bring back the classic fashion? During the era of the 1900’s, fashion was being introduced and followed. People, especially […] Click Here To Read More!