A Boots Statement: The Perfect Boots For You

The fashion industry has its own way of resurfacing old looks and styles it is cyclical, as referred to by many. This goes the same with thigh-high boots, mid-thigh boots, over the knee boots, high-heeled boots, over the knee flat boots and black over the knee boots. Knee-high boots are those that rise to the knee or maybe a little bit under it. They are mostly tight on the leg and ankle compared to the top. They are also considered as the handiest among the varieties of boots.

It sometimes depends on the weather though on how to pick the best pair of boots for your convenience. It can be worn for casual, business, or for formal attire. Due to its being trendy and its many uses, it is just normal to see at least a pair of boots on each woman’s closet.

Knee BootsFashion boots came in as early as in the 1950’s but before that, boots were used in different ways. It was used by some fishermen, dairy workers and duck hunters as protection from water, mud, manures and slippery surfaces as well as to tighten the friction at times. Some of the early varieties of boots were motorcycle boots, riding boots, wellington boots, jackboot, kinky boots and lastly are the go-go boots which were commonly used by cheerleading squads of professional sports teams like NFL or the National Football League and NBA or the National Basketball Association. Until today, boots are still being used in different functions and are as well, mostly, improved in design to cater any need whether for work or just simply to create a fashion sense wherein the fashion boot has set in.

Over the knee boots can be paired with different type of clothes. You can use it along with pants, leggings, tights, skirts, shorts or even with just stockings on. Boots are popular within women’s winter wardrobe. Some of the famous designers of fashion boots are from Tommy Hilfiger, Mulberry, Chloé, Versace and Jimmy Choo.

There are different selections of over the knee boots. There are mid-knee cut boots, Gaiters, which were only used as protective gear for ankles and legs, equestrian, lace-ups, cutaways and texture, which defines the built of the boot. It can be made from fur, pony hair or simply with leather.

Another thing to consider when wearing boots is your body size. It does not mean that when it is trendy, you will just wear it. It does not happen like that. You have to consider some of your physical aspects like thighs, hips, calves and ankles. For example, if you have shorter legs, it is best hat you wear knee-high boots as it makes your legs look longer and slimmer but the thing is you must avoid buckles or straps since it alters your boot’s visible length.

Summing it up, you can choose any of the over the knee boots whether it is over the knee flat boots or black over the knee boots. What is important is that you can manage your outfit and walk as confident as you can be.